A manuscript teases operations for €125,000 between the president of Huesca and the ringleaders of the plot

The holder of the Court of Instruction number 5 of Huesca has intervened a manuscript in the office of the president of the Huesca club which reflects operations amounting to at least 125,000 euros between Agustín Lasaosa and former footballers Carlos Aranda and Raúl Bravo, whom he considers the leaders of the plot of fiddles.

The judge relates this manuscript, which he unquestionably attributes to the already ex-leader of Huesca , with payments linked to the purchase of matches. In this document there are several columns in which Lasaosa differentiates between “loans” and “costs”. Next to the first he wrote the amount referred to along with the names “Raúl and Carlos”, alluding to the presumed leaders of the plot.

The instructor and the Judicial Police consider this test very relevant, which has been used as one of the main arguments for declaring the prisons elusive on bail against the main parties involved in the so – called Operation Oikos .

Together with this element, the judge considers the match of the Huesca – Nástic de Tarragona match, celebrated in 2018, and accredited by the Catalan club by 0-1. The instructor stresses that the confession of the head of the Medical Services of Huesca, Juan Carlos Galindo, has already been in his power, in which he admitted that he heard how his team’s clothing said that “there was a gentlemen’s agreement and it had to be carried out” , as revealed yesterday EL MUNDO.

This episode has been corroborated by the instructor with the testimony of the former Huesca player and current player of Deportivo de La Coruña Íñigo López, whom he considers a subordinate of Aranda and Bravo.

In relation to the aforementioned meeting, the judge notes that La Liga has already denounced the existence of anomalous bets and reveals that most of them were made from Malaga, Carlos Aranda’s hometown, considered by the researchers as the person in charge of the network to “predetermine football results” with Raúl Bravo.

Below both leaders, the instructor places Íñigo López in a “central role”, to whom he attributes the role of “in charge of collecting the money for the purchase of players” as well as the “collection” of eventual “debts”. This footballer was asked about the economic operations between the former president of Huesca, Bravo and Aranda, and said that he “sounded” that they could correspond to “intermediation business of footballers”, but stressed that they were unaware that they were related to match-fixing. Also, he denied his participation in any type of match.

During the last six months the police have had the phones of those involved intervened and in intercepted conversations the phrase “make us a FIFA” was common. The judge has asked if that expression conceals the match’s size and the players have assured that they referred to “playing a game on the Playstation”. “It’s playing Play, no fuss,” they clarified.

Next to the Huesca – Nástic the match of Valladolid – Valencia, celebrated on May 18 and in which the Valencian team sealed its qualification for the Champions League is investigated. The police maintain that the pucelano team captain, Borja Fernández, and Raúl Bravo, designed the purchase of the match two days earlier at the Corinto bar in Valladolid, owned by the first.


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