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Liverpool Celebrate The Win of The Champions Leauge

The Liverpool have been given a feast with his people in the English town. The 'reds', brand new champions of the Champions League, have 'walked' down a street full of people and wanting to celebrate the sixth 'orejona' for the Merseyside.

The Granada trains in the sports city and will travel to Mallorca on Monday

Granada have trained this Sunday morning at the Ciudad Deportiva after their game of matchday 41 of LaLiga 123 against Mallorca was postponed until Tuesday. The team will leave for Mallorca on Monday in the early hours and will make...

The Feminine B is eliminated from the promotion phase to Second

The Feminine B can not with Almeria and is eliminated from the promotion phase to Second The Granada CF Women's affiliate will not advance to the last round due to the promotion to Segunda after failing to...

Fuenlabrada gets its first promotion to Second Division

CF Fuenlabrada became a new Second Division team on Sunday when they drew in the Nuevo Colombino against Recreativo de Huelva (1-1) and made good the first leg of this championship tie (3-0). The Madrileños played a very...

Granada Trying To Stop Martinez From Leaving To Another Club

The club, if it rises to First, is interested in the continuity of the center. Although the management of Eibar wants to do the preseason with the armourers, the Basque coach does not just happy in principle

Van Basten, Cruyff, Mendoza and other legends of the Champions finals in Spain

The legend goes that Helmuth Duckadam , a Romanian goalkeeper with a mustache and make-up of Eastern Europe, specifically from Romania, won with his saves against Barcelona a Mercedes that Ramón Mendoza , then president of Real Madrid, paid for from...

Osvaldo Ardiles: “Pochettino lives practically in the club, he hardly knows London”

The first person appears only when there is something serious to talk about: war. For the rest, Osvaldo Ardiles (Córdoba, Argentina, 1952) gently warns that he does not like to talk about himself. The Malvinas marked his life, while he...

Sergio Ramos: 18 days of tension, leaks and half-truths

Sergio Ramos and Florentino Pérez have a problem. They do not fall too well, but somehow both know they are needed. Although, well thought, the problem is not that. The problem is that things are rarely said to the face...

Lasaosa renounces the presidency of Huesca

Agustín Lasaosa , involved in Operation Oikos for the alleged match-fixing and in liberty with charges after paying a deposit of 50,000 euros, has presented this Friday the resignation of the Huesca Sports Society presidency and the position of CEO.

Klopp, the smile of the Metropolitan: “I’m a lucky guy”

The truth is that this coach has something. Jürgen Klopp, at the controls of Liverpool, is a guy who, unlike many of his colleagues, unlike most of the elite players, always (or almost) appears in front of the press with...