Controversial Penalty Given in The Champions Leauge 23 Seconds In

In 23 seconds an end to which only the adversary of a controversial action was adapted in the agony. The bisoñez of the first time, which was the Tottenham, weighs in these lides. The literality of the standard endorses Skomina , but it should be more clear to unlevel a match in such a way, and more a final. The regulation can not be the hiding place of common sense. It is something about what arbitration, with or without VAR, should reflect.

If he can be called or not injustice, the truth is that it facilitated the execution of a cruel future with Liverpool and his new messiah, Jürgen Klopp . To take this team to the top it is necessary an emotional component that even ended up acquiring the most Cartesian of the coaches, Rafa Benítez , who maintains his family home overlooking the Mersey. Anfiled falls in love.

The Spaniard was the last to win a Champions League, in 2005, after a miraculous second half, in which he had three goals against Milan. Two years later, he lost the next one to the same opponent. The effigy of Rafa still appears in the stands ‘The Kop’. The German, who has invested the succession, after losing first to Madrid and win at Tottenham, has already a place at the altar that raised Shankly and Pasley . In Madrid he savored his first European title in his fourth final, three of Champions. A prize more than deserved for everything he proposes and has contributed to football, first in Borussia Dortmund and now in Liverpool.

After an exemplary campaign to hunt the City and make dreams come true against Barcelona, ​​Liverpool advances to the Catalans, with six titles. In front, only Madrid. A qualitative step forward very important for a club that has it all. Despite the defeat in a mediocre game, something similar should mean this final for the ‘Spurs’ and Pochettino , which has everything that Klopp has suffered to grow. Faith does not lack.