Granada Trying To Stop Martinez From Leaving To Another Club

The club, if it rises to First, is interested in the continuity of the center. Although the management of Eibar wants to do the preseason with the armourers, the Basque coach does not just happy in principle

José Antonio Martínez has crude return to wear the shirt of Granada in competition in the remainder of the season due to untimely muscle problems, but still do not know for sure what will happen to him on. The will of the club rojiblanco would retain him, but it is not an easy task. The defender left last season at Barcelona B to sign a three-year contract with Eibar, a team that allowed his assignment during one exercise to the Nazari squad, with no purchase option . Now he is about to see his future.

In principle, the center has to return to the armorer set to participate in the summer preparation. It is the thought of Mikel Martija, technical secretary, right hand of Fran Garagarza, the sports director . Martija was in Los Cármenes on Sunday and had the misfortune to see how his pupil was injured. It was not the first time I had passed through the stadium. Alberto González has also been seen there, who was part of the department of ‘rojiblanco’ scouting until the Chinese era began. In Eibar he is in charge of the European leagues.

Martinez arrived free to the discipline of the Guipuzcoan set and although it seemed that he would have one of the places in the center of the back inside the squad, José Luis Mendilibar, the coach, did not convince him and was one of those who opted for his march on loan. Al Granada have received comments that the technician’s opinion, which has just been renewed, has not changed and that he would not want to count on him. You will have to show your worth during the summer period or study the change of scenery . The rojiblancos, if they go up to Primera, would be attentive. Speaking of a possible transfer only enters the field of conjecture, but a Granada in the top category would like to leave a position. If the ascent takes place, Diego Martínez would renew and Huelva has been indisputable with him.

Except for Fede San Emeterio, who has to return to Valladolid – a box that does count with the Spaniard – the Granada could retain most of its starting eleven in a stage of level jumping . They have Rui Silva, Quini, Germán, Montoro, Vadillo, Puertas, Fede Vico and Rodri contracts. The expansion of Víctor Díaz will be announced shortly. The situation with other recurring in the following: Branches, link until December; Ramón Azeez, until 2022; Pozo and Dani Ojeda, both transferred without purchase option.

The case of the Sevillian is particular. He will have to return to Sevilla but he only has one more year left with the Pizjuán team, so he will have to renew if the club does not want him to go free in 2020, or else agree on an exit in the coming months . Pozo has had ups and downs as a Nazari, but there is no doubt that he is a raw talent. It will be necessary to see if the Granada also fights for him as he claims insurance with Martinez.

Martinez became a teammate for a few days of Alejandro Gálvez in Eibar. The Grenadian defender went to Rayo Vallecano in this course that has just won, with which he suffered the descent. Now it’s free again, waiting for interesting offers that start to arrive.

In the Granada was about to stop in the first year of John Jiang in the city , but there was no economic agreement. Now this possibility is reconsidered. To date, it had always seemed an expensive option, but the situation remains open. He always had in mind to go home someday.


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