Klopp, the smile of the Metropolitan: “I’m a lucky guy”

The truth is that this coach has something. Jürgen Klopp, at the controls of Liverpool, is a guy who, unlike many of his colleagues, unlike most of the elite players, always (or almost) appears in front of the press with a smile, and so has done this Friday afternoon in the Metropolitan, settled the stadium, and everything ready, under a heat of a thousand demons. And Klopp keeps smiling despite the fact that the first question did not seem to like much: What have you learned from your lost ends?

They remind him of the good man who has not won a European final of the three he has played. Neither against Bayern with Borussia (2013), nor against Sevilla with Liverpool (Europa Leage 2016) nor against Real Madrid also with Liverpool (2018). Do you think you have bad luck? More smiles. “Bad luck, I think he has not had any bad luck in my career, in fact my wife always asks me: ‘Hey, when is the last game of the year?’ Because since 2012, and with the exception of 2017, I’ve always been in the finals, so I consider myself a lucky guy, “he recalled in an impeccable German accent.

With the habit of cleaning the table of a dirt that does not exist, without headphones because there were no questions in a language other than English (only one in German, a language that was not among those offered by simultaneous translation), Klopp said a lot of classics in these press conferences before a great final.

That he admires Pochettino’s work at Tottenham, that he trusts his team and, finally, that he expects the Liverpool fans to have a good time in Madrid, a city that they have arrived with just in time, shortly after at three o’clock in the afternoon, to almost not pass by the hotel (the Eurostars Tower), before doing the last workout.

“People say we are favorites, but there is more to see our games this year with Tottenham, all very close, maybe we have more experience than they do for a match like that, but that does not mean anything,” he concluded. shortly before half past five, the scheduled time of training. “Okay, bye, bye,” he said. Smiling, of course.


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