Lasaosa renounces the presidency of Huesca

Agustín Lasaosa , involved in Operation Oikos for the alleged match-fixing and in liberty with charges after paying a deposit of 50,000 euros, has presented this Friday the resignation of the Huesca Sports Society presidency and the position of CEO.

He has done this through a letter sent to the club, in which he explains that he is aware of the damage that this situation has caused not only to SD Huesca, but also to the city of Huesca, and to anyone who wants this club. That is why he has decided to stay on the sidelines and focus on defending “my total and absolute innocence.”

The Board of Directors of the entity, in an extraordinary meeting, has accepted said resignation and has appointed Manuel Torres as the CEO of the club . At the moment, the position of president is vacant.

Councilor Torres made the announcement early this afternoon while the Board of Directors continues to meet to address other issues regarding the future of Huesca.

The new coach, signings and renovations as well as new works in the field of El Alcoraz are topics on the table.

The meeting is attended by the advisors José Antonio Martín ‘Petón’, Manolo Torres, Agustín Pueyo, Carmelo Bosque, José Abarca, Sergio Gracia and Pedro Ibaibarriaga. Also there is the general director Josete Ortas, the manager Luis Sanclemente and Carlos Laguna, responsible for the economic plot. The one who finally did not attend was the already resigned President Lasaosa.


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