Mauricio Pochettino Not Ceratin About His Future As Coach For Tottenham

Mauricio Pochettino gave himself a huge hug with Jürgen Klopp right after the match. No longer a jacket – it lasted five minutes because it was a hell of a heat – the Argentine coach went up the field raising his players, many of them lying on the ground. He had tried everything, but he had not left. He put all the talent he has on the field, but there was no way.

I feel stupid talking about that we have thrown more, we have had 65% the ball, we have made merits … None of that is worth in a final, in a final the only thing that is worth is to win, and we have not done, He said at the press conference, where there was a curious circumstance: an Argentine journalist asked Pochettino, also Argentine, in English. Was there a prohibition to ask in Spanish? Of course not. It was a really strange moment.

No less than when the Tottenham coach was asked about his future. It is not the moment to talk about my future, I think that now it does not touch. I’ve been in Tottenham for five years, the project is clear and my commitment is here. It’s early to talk, we’ll have time to think things through, “he said, and left in the air a sense of mystery much greater than the sadness that had presided over his words up to that moment.

Although he had a couple of encounters with Skomina, he did not want to draw blood from the penalty that they pointed to his team right after the start. “It is difficult, it is up to the referee”, although basically what he was thinking is what the majority of the Metropolitan: that the hand came from a rebound in the side and perhaps a query to the VAR would not have been over. “I congratulate Liverpool, a club that is made to reach the finals. We have divided the priority between sports and the new stadium,” he concluded.


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