Sergio Ramos: 18 days of tension, leaks and half-truths

Sergio Ramos and Florentino Pérez have a problem. They do not fall too well, but somehow both know they are needed. Although, well thought, the problem is not that. The problem is that things are rarely said to the face , and when they do, it is usually letting go of all the anger, and tension, accumulated. Sergio receives, from time to time, some comments that Florentino makes about him in private. Florentino often get those things from Ramos in the wardrobe that he likes between little and nothing. Since they met, 2005, the thing has gone well, a kind of forced love that last 13 had its, at the moment, last explosion. At the moment

Because what tried to settle in a bad way Ramos this Thursday begins on the 13th in the ACS office of the president of Madrid. There Sergio Ramos, his father and one of his regular advisers, Julio Senn . According to some sources, that meeting is not René , the player’s brother and, officially, his representative, although other sources argue that it is Sergio himself who has gone to negotiate all his things without help . In that meeting, as confirmed by Florentino himself in Onda Cero, Sergio throws a crack at him: he says he has an offer from China -which one of those present at that meeting did not know- and asks that he let him leave for free because, as he gets information that he is frowned upon by the president and for the club, it is best to leave.

Florentino, logically, says that he will not leave for free , but that he will listen to that offer. Shortly after that meeting, revealed by a medium very close to the club, Ramos sets course for Miami . From there he attends all the commotion that is mounted after the meeting of the 13th – filtered , with all the intention, by the club-. Sergio, in turn, filters that relations with Florentino are broken, and that happens at the same time – Monday night – that the president confirms the issue of China on the radio. The fact is that on his return, on Wednesday, Ramos returns to the same office and, finding firmness on the other side of the table -Madrid has been negotiating an improvement for him since January, but he does not plan to accelerate it – he realizes that maybe he has stopped braking. Someone from his wide environment, and himself, come to the conclusion that the storm must be stopped for two reasons:

So things, Ramos thinks it’s a good idea to give a press conference to clarify things. The Madrid accepts and the appearance, fixed for 17.30, is announced with just two hours in advance. However, far from helping, his explanations of 33 minutes, 28 questions and with his brother attentive to everything from one side of the Valdebebas press room, hardly serve to emphasize the slip.

He says he goes out to stop “the quilombo that has been set up” -a quilombo formed by the leaks of the two parties-. He says that it is not a matter of money, that it is a matter of affection. He says yes, he has an offer from China, but he does not give any details. He says, with a difference of seven minutes and five answers , that he has not planned to go to China and has planned to go to China. It does not clarify what has changed from May 13 until Thursday. It does not clarify, in summary, nothing. Moreover, the only thing that makes clear is that someone has lied . Or Florentino when he says that Sergio plans to leave for free or Sergio when he says that he has not gotten to put it on the table.

«I would play for free at Madrid if necessary. I am very happy with my contract and with my salary. I want to retire in Madrid through the big door, which is what I deserve. The greatness of Madrid deserves to dismiss the greats as Pirlo, Lampard or Gerrard . So we must dismiss the greats of this sport », are some of the most striking things with which Ramos wants to forget 18 days of tension, leaks and half-truths that have not done him any good. So, everything arranged with the president? “It is a reconciliation more like the many we have had of father and son.” The penultimate. A translation quite true to reality: out of conviction or interest, Ramos stops . For conviction or interest,the club will touch the contract later.


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